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Chelan's Most Trusted Home Care Company

Welcome to Blue Water Concierge, the most trusted home care company in the Lake Chelan area with the attitude of going above and beyond traditional services to assist with whatever our clients need, when they need it. We offer year round assistance in all aspects of maintaining your home, both inside and out, complete with monthly home checkups. Blue Water Concierge takes the worries out of second-home ownership, rental property maintenance, and gives our clients the chance to enjoy their greatest asset, time.

Chelan Lawn and Yard Care and Maintenance
We are provide professional landscape and maintenance in Chelan, Manson and Orondo.  We make sure your yard is maintained to your standards and is always ready for you or your guests to enjoy.

Housekeeping and Cleaning Service
Need housekeeping for your home or VRBO property?  We can provide housekeeping services in the Chelan, Manson and Orondo, areas for your home or rental property.

Home Watch Services
We provide home watch and checkup services for the Chelan, Manson and Orondo areas.  Our home watch services ensure your home is safe and sound when you are not there to check on it yourself. 

Home Maintenance
From remodeling projects to routine maintenance, we can help on a wide range of home maintenance projects and upgrades.  If you need something done on your home just give us a call and let us handle it for you.

Concierge Services
Creating a definitive list of our services is difficult because we truly are a concierge service for home owners in the Chelan, Manson, and Orondo areas.  Not only do we provide Lawn care and Maintenance, Home Watch Services, Housekeeping, and Home Maintenance, we also are your “Go To” partner for services that just don’t fit in a category.  Our clients come to depend on us for a wide range of services.  If you need something that is not listed here, just ask! We are happy to meet with you to provide a quote for any of your needs.

We do it all...and then some!

Free time and peace of mind are just a call away.